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Born Cages - The Sidelines EP
Record Label: Razor & Tie
Release Date: June 18, 2013
Reviewed by: Cat Hill

Whenever I listen to music, it’s generally a soundtrack to whatever I’m doing, whether it be driving, cleaning my room or (when I was in school) homework. However, The Sidelines EP, by New York City-based rockers Born Cages was the soundtrack to me sitting at my computer, mouth agape, in absolute awe. The album is set to release on Tuesday, June 18.

The band is signed to Razor & Tie, also known for Foreigner, Saves the Day and Such Gold. In a unique blend of 70’s rock to modern day electric depths, Born Cages is making a break in the music scene and it could easily take the lead.

Frontman and guitarist, Vlad Holiday, says the core of his songwriting has bits of folk and gospel music.

I’ve always been into the melodic (not religious) side of gospel and its fusion with rock music,” Holiday said. “When I dress that up with loud guitars and synthesizers, which I strangely love equally, I think it can eventually go to a place people haven’t been to before.”

The five-track EP has immense power and makes for an extremely captivating 17 minutes. From the mind-blowing guitar solos to the clever lyrics, each song tells its own story and creates its own self-supporting piece.

I guess I write about my own experiences while leaving them up for interpretation because I’ve always been drawn to more mysterious lyrics that can be interpreted 10 different ways,” Holiday said.

“Metphor” and “Perfect Harmony” are the two best tracks. I couldn’t choose one over the other because while still carrying common trends found throughout the entire EP, there is still a difference between the two that brings character to the overall set of songs. The talents of Born Cages is well highlighted throughout.

The only thing I could say against this EP is that I’m left wanting more. I can’t wait to hear what else Born Cages brings to the table.

I give The Sidelines EP a 9/10.

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