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Pop punkers The Years Gone By called it quits a little over a year ago. While the band received moderate exposure from their stint on the Rise Records roster, and through national tours with the likes of Set Your Goals and Hit The Lights, they were never given the push that many would argue they deserved.

Since their departure, frontman Nick Madore has spent his time guitar teching for Hey Monday and waiting tables in his hometown of Freehold, NJ. Although he had a shortly lived run making Ready Set-esque pop music under the moniker Nicky Ray, it wasn’t long before he announced that he’d be heading back to his roots for a new pop punk project.

Pup Fresh has the first interview with Nick since making his way back into the scene. Enjoy!

The Years Gone By called it quits a little over a year ago. There was no formal departure, not even a farewell show or tour. Do you wish you would have done it differently?
Yes and no. We didn’t do a tour or any shows because it came up so suddenly. Like, we were writing our new record and I still remember getting the phone call when I was driving. I though everyone was kidding. I had to pull over. That’s partially why I never gave a statement or anything. Because still to this day it bums me out. That band was my life and my heart and really made me into the person I am today. It was about 9 years writing and touring with those dudes. I’m lucky enough to say that they are still my best friends and I get to see them on the reg. If I could though, I’d love to have done a show to say goodbye to that time. I think the kids deserved that much for supporting us like they did for all that time.

How has the band’s breakup changed you as a person?
Well, it made me take my future a bit more serious but It was a huge reality check. Sorta like a, ‘nothing lasts forever’, kinda thing. So it really made me appreciate the times I had and really appreciate what I STILL have. I was the luckiest man ever to get to play shows across this country and do the things I’ve done.

With that said, are you at all hesitant to get back into things with the music scene the way it is today? After putting so much of yourself into The Years Gone By—digging out of your own pocket, losing money on tours, not going to school , etc.?
I’m what you’d call a huge over thinker… So yes. It’s scary but nothing worth doing is ever easy. And the highest risks give the greatest rewards.

Many would say that The Years Gone By were inches away from breaking out. Where do you think the band stood in that regard?
Nah. I guess I was maybe too close to it, but I never thought we’d get out of my basement. I still have no idea why people loved us they way they did. We wrote songs we loved and we toured because we loved to travel and play our music. That was that. Of course we always dreamed of “making it” but no one is really ever inches from breaking out. Most of this music industry is fabricated bullshit. Most “bands”, like, the “bands that can really make it”, are the ones that are born at a conference room table not a garage anymore. SAD.

Your Nicky Ray project was shortly lived and a big step away from your pop punk roots. Can you talk about everything that went into that and why you decided not to push forward with it?
Nicky Ray was dope. Fuck the haters. It was a song I wrote for fun and I have fun doing it. As a matter of fact, everything was recorded in my bedroom. I’ve always loved R&B music and I wanted to try and write something different. Music should be fun. It wasn’t like I was trying to have a career doing that project, and to be honest, I never did anything else with it because I’ve been busy. I wrote that song and recorded it before I did Warped Tour 2010 last year! I was on the road for the next 6 months after I recorded it.

You recently announced that your newest project is focused around pop punk. After negative feedback from Nicky Ray, would you consider this listening to what the fans wanted, or what you wanted? Or both?
I would never do anything just because of peoples opinions. I always do what I want, when I want to. It’s like…a problem… I play music, dress the way I do and talk how I want, because I want to. If I wanted to make a hardcore band or play jazz,  I would. But fact is, I love this style of music and wanted to write again. Get some shit off my chest and outta my head. Feels awesome.

Let’s talk about your new project. Can we expect your new songs to sound like TYGB? Will you look back on your older songs with them as influence? What direction is it headed exactly?
Being the predominate song writer and lead vocalist of that band, yeah, Its bound to sound like it. The cool thing about this project is that (for now anyway) it’s only me. I can do really whatever I want and experiment with lots of stuff. With the prior songs, it was a group effort and obviously people compromise. It’s kinda the most exciting thing about all this.

Will you be looking for other members at all?
You never know.

Well is the new project something you plan to tour with?
One day. I’m not rushing anything. I wanna write music and do this because it makes me feel good. If the day comes when I wanna tour, I’ll tour. This new project is just a new outlet for me to express myself and connect with people again.

Does this new project have a name?
Yes! It’s called VS YOU CLUB.

What’s the meaning behind that?
I’m nuts. I always feel like it’s me vs everyone in the world. Just one of my many complexes. I feel like it’s a pretty big club though. So many kids are lost and feel the same way. This project is gonna be for them.

You just booked studio time. Who will you be recording with? When can we expect to hear the new tunes?
I’m so excited! I’m going back in with my friend Mike Kalajian, who did all the releases with The Years Gone By on April 18. Should be putting out some clips of songs shortly after that.

Is there anything else we can expect from you?
Hopefully a full record sometime in the late summer/early fall. Who knows!

And finally, if I don’t ask this next one, I’ll prolly get shot. Are there any chances for a Years Gone By reunion?
Haha, right now I’d say no chance. But hey, if the Movielife is getting back together for a few, then I can’t say never.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. I speak for everyone at Pup Fresh when I say we look forward to your new material. Is there anything you’d like to add for the readers?
It was my pleasure. Thanks for being my first ;). To everyone who’s excited and wants to follow it more closely, follow me on twitter —

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