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Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low recently did an interview with - he talks about the bands song featuring Rivers Cuomo, what inspired them to call their upcoming album Dirty Work, whether you can safely call them pop-punk anymore, how getting older has changed their friendship, and lots more. Check out the interview below.

So what can you tell me about this album you have coming out?
I can tell you that it’s a lot better than the last one. “Nothing Personal” was just that. It was tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic songs. That was sort of the tone for the whole album. This time around, we wanted to take a slightly more honest approach to the writing.

I’ve read that you took a less polished approach in the studio.
We kind of made a point to stay away from sugar-coating things. If there were mistakes made, we would kind of let it linger. Sometimes, in the studio, producers will get so nitpicky about thing, lining up the vocals rhythmically and making sure every single note of every guitar and bass is in tune perfectly. It sort of starts to feel like it was programmed, rather than played. So one of the major points this time around was to make sure that it sounded like we played.

The first thing you said was “I can tell you that it’s a lot better than the last one” and you seem to have some issues with the way the last one was produced. Do you like it at all?
I guess the way I describe it definitely come off as a little negative. By no means do I think that the last record . It’s just one of those things where this time around, the approach was different based on what we learned from the last one.

When you tweeted about tracking it last summer, you used the words “progress” and “growth.” How do you think it shows progress and growth?
Well, I think it’s very apparent in the songwriting. We pushed ourselves more than we ever have, trying to get the creative process going. We pushed ourselves as musicians. Some of the songs on this record were actually difficult for us to play.

Is it still pop-punk?
There are definitely elements of pop-punk on it. I would call it pop-rock at this point. But really, I don’t know.

I hear that Rivers Cuomo co-wrote a song on the album?
Yeah, we worked together on the first single, actually. It’s called “I Feel like Dancing,” which is actually the most tongue-in-cheek song on the record. Rivers was actually an idol of ours and someone we looked up to as a songwriter. But it was very casual. I went to his house, we picked up a couple acoustic guitars and we sat on his living room floor and came up with this great idea, this great concept and a really funny visual for a song and hashed it out in about two hours. We were just kind of in and out and it was really fun. It definitely has a Weezer vibe to it, which is rad. It’s always a little bit nerve-wracking working with a hero but I tried to maintain my composure.

You guys were still in high school when you started. How has getting older changed the dynamic, if at all, between you?
There’s been a lot of change, really. You know, we were 15, 14. We’re 23, 22 now. And we’ve been living a fast life so we’ve grown up pretty quickly. It seems like a blur from the time we signed our first deal until now. But I think we’ve all gotten closer, to be honest with you. It feels like we’re kind of four brothers and we’re relatively inseparable. We kind of get how one another work and for that reason, we can work around the negatives and sort of focus on the positive side of everything.

So this is your first album for a major label. How does that feel?
I’m excited. It’s a little nerve wracking obviously, going from being a big fish in a small pond to a little fish. But at the same time, we have a really good team over there and they seem really stoked on what we do. We’re in a fortunate position where we spent a long time building up our fan base and we can continue to nurture it ourselves. The label is just kind of there to help us out.

Do you feel like they were more involved in the making of the album or do you feel like you had as much freedom as you did on a smaller label?
That’s a question that’s been asked a lot. And to be honest with you, we were all pretty surprised because we did think they were gonna want to have a hand in everything and were relieved to find that they really just wanted us to do our thing. They were very supportive of what we were doing.

What inspired you to call the album “Dirty Work?”
Dirty work is what I call the last two years of my life, the ups and the downs of living in a band, touring in a band, living in the fast lane, I guess.

You said fast life earlier and living in the fast lane now. What’s fast about it?
Well, it’s a unique position to be in. We’re always moving. It’s a roller coaster of trying to maintain relationships at home with family and friends and being thrown into parties and awards shows and experiences that a lot of people don’t get to experience. We’re just kids from Baltimore who are all kind of swept off our feet by it all.

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