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Lead singer of Hey Monday, Cassadee Pope, is a trending topic on Twitter. But why?

There are reports that an Indonesian game show asked the question, “Who is the lead singer for the band Hey Monday?” Fans were submitting their answers in via Twitter which lead to Cassadee trending. The the contest was to win a pair of tickets to see Hey Monday’s show in Jakarta.

However, there were also rumors that Cassadee had leaked naked photos of herself online. Although this whole situation appears to be a huge rumor to this point, out of respect for Hey Monday and Cassadee, PupFresh.com will not partake in spreading these photos if they do exist—which it’s not looking like they do. Hate to bust your balls guys!

Let’s show some support for Cassadee because this whole situation has to be awkward for her. It’s not fair to have rumors spread about her like that.

Update: Cassadee is no longer trendingMaybe should Should’ve Tried Harder. Hehe see what I did there guys? Seriously though, looks like this whole thing was a hoax since there is yet to be a nude photo of her anywhere—which is a good thing!


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